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Always be careful when advertising and dubious when giving out your address. Be careful when a potential buyer calls from mobile numbers and withheld numbers. In most cases there is a perfectly normal reason, but it's better to be safe than sorry. There have been many cases where people have been broken into and the police haven't been able to track the offenders down, due to them being untraceable. Now, we don't want to scare anyone, but we want you to be safe. If something seems too good to be true. It more often than not IS.

Also, be careful when buyers request payment by cheque! Always ensure that it clears before you LET ANY BIRDS OR ITEMS GO. A PayPal account may be a good idea for money transfers offering a quick and reliable way to send and receive money.

Scammers are also a thing to look out for! As they do operate from time to time. However, most are easy to identify! Referring back to BEING TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. If anyone spots or reveals a scam, please report this activity IMMEDIATELY ...

Don't forget to tell everyone you know!!! That there is a new buying and selling bird site! And best of all its all totally free, Together we can make a difference....


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